Long Beach

For some, a tour of the Queen Mary, docked here since its retirement in 1967, evokes waves of nostalgia for the days of the huge ocean liner with its opulent rooms, 1930s deco décor and teakwood decks. Others, particularly the younger set, are entranced by the spine-tingling haunted ship stories on the nighttime ghost tour. But for everyone, a visit to this floating hotel and museum is a must on any trip to Long Beach. At one time a less-than-appealing place to visit, Long Beach has transformed itself into an upscale tourist resort, with many waterfront attractions, including a new, state-of-the-art aquarium with a fabulous shark exhibit, two excellent art museums, charming shops, public golf courses, the annual April Grand Prix international auto race and lots of recreational activities along its eight-mile stretch of beach. 

Laundry & dry cleaning with 24hr delivery to hotels in Long Beach

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3771 N Lakewood Blvd,

Long Beach, CA 90808

Tel - (855) 605-0317


500 E 1st St,

Long Beach, CA 90802

Tel - ( 844) 631-0595


4111 East Willow Street,

Long Beach, CA 90815

Tel (844) 631-0595


5325 E Pacific Coast Hwy,

Long Beach, CA 90804

Tel - (562) 548-7901

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4700 Airport Plaza Dr,

Long Beach, CA 90815

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517 E 1st St,

Long Beach, CA 90802

Tel - (800) 568-8520


3841 N Lakewood Blvd,

Long Beach, CA 90808

Tel - ( 844) 631-0595

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6285 E Pacific Coast Hwy,

Long Beach, CA 90803

Tel - ( 562) 512-6524

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3771 N Lakewood Blvd,

Long Beach, CA 90808

Tel - ( 855) 605-0320

Laundry Services for Hotel Guests

Schedule Pickup

Schedule a pickup for any day of the week, mornings or evenings. Have your laundry delivered same day or even overnight. Our Laundry Concierge work with most hotels in Long Beach. Leave your laundry with the front desk and one of our friendly drivers will pickup according to your schedule. Call or Text 424-999-9943 to schedule a same day pick or delivery service.  


Once your laundry reaches our central facility it gets weighed. All Dry Cleaning will be forwarded to our plant onsite. Laundero has a decade of experience in dry cleaning service insuring that your clothes receive the highest-quality care. We’ll check your pockets and remove pens, receipts, and other items that don’t belong. Your laundry is in good hands. A payment link will be sent to your email, please make payment so the wash process can commence. 


Once your Laundero Concierge is on the way, you will receive a text message with estimated time of arrival. We deliver all laundry to the hotel front desk unless otherwise. A text message will be sent to confirm delivery. 

Enjoy your trip!