Dry Cleanning

Dry cleaning is a Launderos signature service, blending years of expertise with quality craftsmanship, exemplary care and cutting-edge green technologies.

The finest dry cleaning in LA

With many years of experience, Laundero has become synonymous with the highest-quality dry cleaning in LA. We keep the state's residents, businesspeople, visitors, and dignitaries looking their finest. Dry cleaning is Launderos’ signature service, accompanied by peerless professionalism, reliability and discretion. We take pride in our unique blend of specialist knowledge, quality craftsmanship, exemplary care, cutting-edge and green technologies. For the ultimate in convenience, we also offer a complimentary home delivery service. Bringing the luxurious feel of dry cleaning to your everyday routine. Our dry cleaning services go beyond wearable items. With specialist knowledge and purpose-designed facilities, we dry clean customized and treasured antique rugs, vintage curtains, wedding dresses, couture garments and more. Choose Laundero as your specialist dry cleaner to keep your garments and accessories in excellent condition.