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Price List

We at Laundero don’t treat all garments the same. Special items get special care. Complicated garments, expensive designer garments, silks, linens, sequins, fur and/or leather trims will be treated with extra care, techniques, time and attention. In order to give these garments the care they deserve.

Additional charges may apply. 

Residential Wash & Fold

only $2.25/lb

Residential Wash & Fold Service

  • 24hr - 48hr Wash & Fold service. (Depending on city)

  • $45 Minimum per pickup or 20/lb Minimum Weight Charge. 

  • We only use high-quality detergents & dryer sheets.

  • No additional add-on fees.

  • Household laundry, including towels and sheets, are washed, dried, folded, and bagged to ensure privacy and cleanliness of your items.      


Comforters & Blankets

  • $2.25/lb. (We do not charge extra for Comforters & Blankets)

  • $45 Minimum per pickup or 20/lb Minimum Weight Charge.

  • Wash, dry, folded & bagged.

  • No weighted blankets.

  • Please make sure all comforter/blankets are machine washable and able to be dried.

Dry Cleaning

$8.95 per Item

Any garment, one low price.

Per Item Pricing

  • Laundered & pressed shirt - one low price $5.99

  • Blanket or comforter (any size) one low price $39.99

  • Two day delivery

  • No Service fees & taxes

  • Free reusable dry cleaning bag

  • One time or recurring dry cleaning pickups available

  • Corporate Discounts - 15% off (minimum 25 items per pickup)

Commercial Laundry

 only $2.00/lb*

*minimum 100/lb per pickup

Commercial Laundry

  • Gowns, sheets, towels, blankets, massage therapist items, rags, mops, etc.

  • Call for a specific quote based on type and volume.


Towel Service

  • Need black or white towels for your salon, gym, or fitness studio?  We can help you acquire new hand towels or bath towels and we can even prewash them to get them ready for you.

  • $1.75 per pound with a $35 minimum including delivery.


Lab coats & Tablecloths

  • Lab Coats are pre-treated, washed, dried, and then hung up and covered in plastic.

  • Prices start at $6 per lab coat.

  • Tablecloths are pre-treated, washed, and pulled straight from the dryer. From there, they are either folded and bagged or hung up and covered in plastic.

  • Prices start at $6.50 per tablecloth based on size and volume. Napkins are $0.40 each

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