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#1 Commercial Laundry Services for your Norwalk, CA business

Custom Commercial Laundry Services


Looking for residential wash & fold service?

Reduce Your Laundry Expenses, Save Time, and Avoid Hassles with Laundero Commercial Laundry Service"

When you call on our laundry services, you can rest easy knowing we have the “dirty work” under control. No matter the scope of your laundry needs, our esteemed washes are programmed with different pre-set rinses, as well as special detergents, to tackle stubborn dirt, oil, grease, food, makeup, and more! With us, you won’t have to worry about your clothes becoming ruined due to amateur care. We are experts at our craft and take the time to preserve the quality and longer life of your fabrics by paying personal attention to each piece.

Norwalk’s Premier Commercial Laundry Service

Over the years, we’ve become pros at delivering a combination of superior customer care along with washing formulas that ensure an excellent finished product. Our detailed-oriented services have made us Norwalk's premier commercial laundry service provider for a long list of Fortune 500 companies. You can expect unrivaled care when you pair with us, as we have designed specific laundry services to accommodate the demand of each individual business. Not to mention, we always follow all OSHA regulations to make sure your laundry smells fresher, feels cleaner, and looks brighter.


Contact a Commercial Laundry Specialist Today!

Laundero Laundry Service is a full service commercial laundry service in Norwalk, CA. We save you time and money by providing and managing the inventory, and by washing, ironing, folding, and delivering clean linen to your establishment weekly.  Our market segments served include: Dry cleaning services, Professional laundry service, Commercial laundry service in Norwalk, CA, Industrial laundry service, Medical laundry service, Healthcare laundry service, Restaurant laundry service, Hotel laundry service, Spa & salon laundry service. As a business owner, worrying about how your employees look is one hassle you do not need. Dealing with the larger commercial laundry services in Norwalk, CA can also be a hassle – difficult billing, bad customer service. You don’t need any more hassles. That’s where Laundero Laundry service comes in. Here are the steps to a successful engagement. First, our commercial laundry specialist will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your laundry needs. For example, he will ask how many uniforms do you need cleaned? Do you already own them, or are you looking to rent them from us? How frequently do you need pickup and delivery of clean, pressed uniforms for your employees? At our first, no obligation meeting, our uniform specialist will investigate your needs. Similarly with restaurant issues, we will clarify what napkins, uniforms, chef hats, table cloths, etc., need to be picked up and cleaned when where and how. Second, we will create a free estimate on our services. What will we do for you? When, how? How much will it cost. Our free estimate will specify the commercial laundry services to be provided (uniforms, mats, linen service (napkins, table cloths, etc., if applicable). Third, if we decide to engage, we will pickup and deliver your uniforms or linens on a regular basis. It’s that easy. We are there to help you with our services as per your requirements. No matter if you want a daily or bi-weekly assistance from us. We are just a click away from you, at your service according to your needs and will. We, at Laundero Laundry, utilize our team of professionals and various techniques to provide you with quality laundry services, fulfilling both- commercial and residential needs at reasonable rates. You can offload yourself with the laundry work pending at home by your side and leave it upon us. We make sure that we not only provide you with quality services but, we also add to your comfort by offering door to door pick up and delivery services whenever you need our assistance.  We have a team of efficient workers who, not only during the process, but also take care of your belongings after that as they wrap them properly in plastic bags, or use hangers depending upon the type of the product. Our’s is a premium pick and drop laundry service. Our group of committed professionals not only efficiently clean your garments, linens, etc. But, they also bestow you with a pick and drop service (within hours) from your doorstep or workplace to add to your comfort. Once you place our order with us, you don’t have to wait for anything to confirm it from our end as we instantly drop a text/ email at your registered phone number/email address. Our commercial laundry service in Norwalk, CA does laundry for businesses in a 20 mile radius around the store. We offer FREE laundry pickup and delivery to our commercial laundromat.  Not only do we provide hotel linen service in, but we also service motels, Airbnb, as well as bed and breakfast facilities.  We provide laundry linen service for all of these places.  Our commercial linen cleaning services also provide help for medical facilities such as hospitals and medical centers.  We do laundry for doctors, dentist, chiropractors, golf courses, car dealerships, car washes and physical therapists. We also do laundry for restaurants and catering companies where we launder tablecloths, napkins, cleaning towels, and even mop heads.  Laundero Laundry Service does laundry for hair salons, barbers, pet grooming, spas, massage parlors, and gyms.  We wash uniforms for many businesses as well as sports uniforms for high schools and colleges.  We have laundered sheets for preschools where the toddlers take naps.

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